emergency sign on hospital saying "Emergency"

What Do I Do In An Emergency? 

Aspen Pitkin County has dozens of emergency services if you are in an unsafe situation and need assistance. Emergency Services provided plenty of resources from the top of the mountains to the rugged Backcountry and everything between Pitkin Country. They ensure your safety. Here are the various emergency services found around the valley. 

Ski Patrol & Mountain Services 

Snowmass: 970-923-0530

Aspen Mountain: 970-920-0723

Aspen Highlands: 970-544-3052

Buttermilk: 970-920-0969 

Aspen Fire Marshal 

(970) 925-2690

For emergencies, call 911 

Mountain Rescue Aspen  

(970) 429-3400

For emergencies, call 911 

Aspen Sheriff Department

(970) 920-5300

For emergencies, call 911 

Pitkin County Sheriff Vehicle - Roaring Fork Valley Colorado in front of Aspen Courtroom

Aspen Police Non-Emergency

(970) 920-5310

For emergencies, call 911 

Aspen Valley Hospital

(970) 544.1228

For emergencies, call 911 

Flight For Life 

(720) 321-3900

For emergencies, call 911 

Backcountry Services 

We recommend if you find yourself in a backcountry situation, you TEXT 911. The text uses less cell service than a call.

You should ALWAYS have a BACKCOUNTRY EMERGENCY KIT if you plan to be in the Backcountry.

Aspen Police truck parked on street in Aspen, Colorado

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