Horseback Riding in Aspen: An Exciting Summer Adventure for Everyone 

Women on Horseback behind Aspen Mountain leading hourse

If you seek to explore majestic mountains, flowery meadows, or lush forests, there's nothing quite like taking to the saddle. And horseback riding in Aspen is one of the best ways for families and friends to enjoy outdoor time together.

If it's your first time in the saddle, or you're experienced but prefer to go with a guide, here are the basic guided tour options.

Horseback Riding in Aspen For Beginners: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Local outfitters offer several riding options, including…

Hour Trail Rides

Short rides are available if you're looking for a laid-back new adventure or taking children who've never ridden. This one to two-hour tour takes you along short, gentle trails through Aspen groves and groves and beautiful wildflower meadows. There are even pony rides for the very young.

Half-Day Rides (Including Lunch Rides)

For more of an authentic backcountry experience, you can choose a half-day trail ride that takes you through spectacular scenery and is close to nearby rivers and mountain lakes. You can try your luck fishing as a bonus for a few extra bucks. 

Depending on which outfitter you choose, you'll be treated to a box lunch on the trail or a hearty meal at the Maroon Lake Visitor Center.

Dinner Rides

Take a 2-hour scenic ride through the pristine countryside for something more festive or romantic. This is followed by an elegant multi-course meal to cap off a perfect evening. 

And there's more. Here's the scoop on…

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The Top Horseback Riding Tours in Aspen, CO: Day Rides and Overnight Pack Trips

If you're looking for something more robust, you can opt for a full-day trip or choose from a selection of thrilling overnight trips for the more adventurous. Here are a few of our top local outfitters from which to choose: 

If you're an experienced rider and have your horses and gear, you can get out in the Rocky Mountains without a guide. Here are five great options. And you can go to many places for a horseback trip in Aspen. Here are some of the most popular locations.

The 6 Best Places to Go Horseback Riding Near Aspen Snowmass (Without a Guide)

  1. The White River National Forest:  Here is a comprehensive list of where you can go horse camping and ride horses in the White River National Forest. This includes the Roaring Fork Valley Trail System.

  2. The Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness Area: This large area spans both the White River National Forest and Gunnison National Forest. It features a multitude of trails suitable for beginners and experienced riders.

  3. The Colorado Trail: This route runs from just southwest of Denver to Durango, Colorado. Visit the Colorado Trail Foundation website for all the planning information needed to ensure an enjoyable ride.

  4. The Rio Grande Trail is perfect for sticking closer to civilization. You'll share it with bicycles and pedestrians, but you'll have the right of way.

  5. Castle Creek Trails: This is a challenging route, best suited for experienced riders. It connects the Castle Peak, Conundrum Peak, and Pearl Pass areas.

  6. East Snowmass Trail: This is also challenging but well worth the effort for experienced riders.



Do You Have to Have Experience to Go Horseback Riding in Aspen?

No, it is a fun activity for riders of all levels, including those who have never been on a horse.


Can You Go Horseback Riding in Aspen, CO, in the Winter?

Yes, you can! Even though most people think about the activity for the summer months, it is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors in the winter. 

Small child on horseback riding with safety gear

What Should I Bring to my Horseback Ride?

Here are the essentials*:

What you need to wear:

  • long pants

  • boots (or other sturdy, closed-toe shoes)

  • a long-sleeve shirt

  • vented riding helmet

  • riding gloves

What You Need to Bring:

  • water

  • food

  • sunscreen

  • sunglasses

  • bug spray

  • mobile phone with a mapping app

  • a jacket and other layers appropriate for the expected (and unexpected) weather conditions

  • hoof pick

  • basic first-aid supplies

For Multi-Day Trail Riding and For After the Ride

  • a sheet or light blanket for your horse since the temperature can drop considerably at night

  • grooming tools

  • a comfortable overnight halter

  • a pack or bag to carry it all.

*Please visit these websites for complete information:

What is the Age Requirement?

Kids aged 2-3 can start riding more miniature horses or ponies—with experienced supervision. However, most instructors won't work with children under 6 or 7. The local outfitters require kids to be at least seven years old to ride independently.

What Are Some Things I Need to Know Before I Go Horseback Riding?

  • It would be best to never ride alone or without an experienced rider nearby.

  • Always make sure that your horse has been fed before you ride it 

  • If you're going on an evening ride, be sure to bring an extra layer for when the sun goes down

  • Be vigilant for wildlife that might spook your horse

Man by campfire on lakeside with horse

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