Quick Guide to Paragliding in Aspen: What to Know About Soaring Above the Colorado Rockies

Paragliding off Aspen Mountain in Aspen, Colorado

Paragliding in Aspen, Colorado, is the ultimate adventure. Imagine the rush of the crisp mountain air as you soar over the peaks of the surrounding mountains and Roaring Fork Valley. Paragliding can be done year-round, and the whole family can participate! Paragliding is a great way to capture Aspen in its full beauty. It can offer a whole new perspective of the town and the rest of the valley.

What is Paragliding and Why You Should Try It

Paragliding is an adventure sport that allows you to fly through the air without an engine. It's one of the most natural and exhilarating kinds of flight.

It requires using a paraglider, an aircraft with a harness supported by a large curved fabric wing. Paraglider pilots strap themselves into the saddle and take off by sprinting and launching off a launch site, like mountain tops, cliffs, or another high terrain. Then, they use the parachute-like wing to gain lift.

Thanks to the wing's curvature, a skilled pilot can use this lift to glide over long distances and climb to great altitudes. Pulling handles located beside each shoulder are used to steer.

Even though a license is not required to fly alone, most people start with tandem flights with an instructor.


Sound like a blast?

It is! And if you haven't tried it or have never been paragliding in Aspen, it's something new and different to do here. And It's thrilling as well as fun! Imagine launching into the air and venturing into the Colorado sky over the peaks of Aspen and beyond. Your heart races as you take in the breathtaking panoramic view. It's an exhilarating feeling, and you'll soon want to do it again.

Man Paragliding through the air above mountains

About Aspen Paragliding: Glide From The Highest Peaks

If you're a beginner, your adventure will begin with lessons and professional tandem instruction. Next, your instructor (a United States Hang Gliding Association certified pilot) will walk you through the flight. Then you'll strap in alongside them and go for it.

If you're an experienced flier, you can start with a tandem flight or go straight to solo—with a local guide. There are also thermal soaring clinics available. And you can get a glider inspection and accessory installation as well.

These local experts will inform you on:

  • where and when can you fly in Aspen (Aspen Mountain and Snowmass Mountain are among the most popular launch sites)
  • where you can take off and where you can land (morning and evening)
  • what to wear and bring on your flight
  • how to get started

Here's a list of trusted local outfitters and guides

This is the premier paragliding school in Aspen, owned & operated by Alex Palmaz. The instructors have years of experience and are certified by the United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association


Other Great Places to Paraglide in Colorado: Best Paragliding In Colorado

  • Glenwood Springs
  • Avon / Vail
  • Colorado Springs
  • Golden
  • Telluride



Why is paragliding called paragliding?

The activity/sport is called paragliding because it uses a modified parachute to glide and steer through the air.


When Can You Go Paragliding in Aspen?

Many consider summer the best time to go, but winter flights are also quite popular. 


Is Paragliding Safe? 

Like most outdoor sports, there is some inherent risk involved in the activity, but you can mitigate that risk by engaging with only skilled professional tandem pilots. They will ensure you have a safe and unique secure flying experience.


Do You Have to Have Experience?

You do not need the experience to paraglide. The local pros will supply all the instruction and guidance you need to enjoy this thrilling adventure sport.


What is the Average Cost of Paragliding?

Your paragliding trip here will cost you around $350 per person for an approximately 2-hour trip. You can do multiple flights daily; early morning times will be more popular. 

Man launching off takeoff from the top of Aspen Mountain in Aspen, Mountain

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